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Riding the Internet rollercoaster since 2009... whether I like it or not.

This is my current personal site. For now, anyway...


This is where I really plan to put all of this stuff.

Warning: Unless you see a note on the main page clearly stating otherwise, this link will likely lead to nothing useful.


[AKA the obligatory BYFs and DNIs seen in 99% of Twitter Carrds]
Last updated on June 29th, 2021 at 2:50 PM CST

· I'm some guy from Costa Rica that makes some very low-quality content.
· I'm male, and I go by he/him pronouns.
· I'm 16 years old [a minor].
· If you want to refer to me with just one name, I'd prefer it if you use my middle name [Daniel]. I don't like my first name all that much.
· My general interests are gaming, animation, storytelling and programming, but my Twitter is more of a "variety show" kind of deal.
· I follow back everyone that follows me...unless they fall afoul of my DNI list [which you can read below].
· My social skills are dubious at best, so don't be surprised if I end up annoying you in one way or another.
· I actively avoid the use of serious profanity words.
· I'm white, but I still firmly believe that #BlackLivesMatter.
· I have a very poor tolerance for Halloween and April Fool's Day.
· I have a lot of other opinions about stuff. You can read these in this Carrd's Opinions section.

· ...if you are an NSFW artist, or if your account is otherwise NSFW. After all, I'm still a minor. [Besides, I'm probably falling afoul of your own DNI anyway because of that.]
· ...if you are a pedophile, zoophile, or anything like that. This goes double if you're trying to pass these off as genuine sexualities, because they're not.
· ...if you're one of the K-pop or MCYT stans that enjoy clogging the trending topics. I'm not the only one who is sick of this, after all.
· ...if you are what I call a "cancel cultist" [refers to someone who unironically engages in cancel culture]. This is my single least favorite part of the modern Internet, especially since it's what singlehandedly ruined Twitter for me.
· ...if you still support the people in this list. They're possibly some of the worst people I've seen on the Internet in this recent time.

Last updated on June 9th, 2021 at 7:35 PM CST

After what I've seen them do, I've had a hard time siding with these Internet people.

Angel Popuko: He's the developer of a Revenge Fic game targeting my best friend. He also attempted to harass her multiple times, to boot.
Sylv: She's all too clearly on Angel's side. Like, seriously...
Antoons: His history of Muse Abuse ended up landing someone in a mental facility for a week.
Princess Love Brite: She harassed an acquaintance of mine and nearly drove her to s*****e multiple times.
Dream: It's pretty clear that he's abusing his popularity to avoid karma, given how many dubious or outright deplorable things he's said or done.


I don't have any yet. The most I can do is show you my Dropbox's Public folder, including some stuff in danger of being lost to time.


Last updated on June 16th, 2021 at 4:20 PM CST

Modern Cartoons: Children's television has gone downhill several times over. Nowadays, it seems like you can't appeal to kids without shoehorning several pop culture references in. What happened to good cartoons like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, The Backyardigans and Poppy Cat??
Adobe Creative Cloud: The old one-time charge method worked perfectly fine, so why was it changed?? This "subscription" nonsense is just terrible.
The Internet: A double-edged sword. On one side, you can do productive things and talk to friends over a great distance, but on the other side...well, just look at the opinion below.
The Greater Internet F***wad Theory: This theory is just a total pain in my neck--and not just for me. Sites like Twitter and YouTube would be a lot more peaceful if anonymity wasn't such a moral crapshoot.
YouTube: The only reason why I still use YouTube at all is because Dailymotion, my originally planned escape destination, removed comments. YouTube is full to the brim with unwanted feature removals and abysmal moderation algorithms.
Twitter: Also, the only reason why I still use Twitter at all is because it's my only real link to my online friends [and I'm not good with Discord]. Ever since the rise of cancel culture in late 2019 and a certain incident in May 2020 that I refuse to mention, Twitter devolved into a hellish minefield where one false move will quickly summon hordes of cancel cultists to your vicinity and easily spell certain death for your online reputation. And trust me, I absolutely despise it.
Misinformation: This is my least favorite thing, period.
Politics: I'm on Joe Biden's side. There, I said it.
Religion: The true nature of the universe is a really confusing subject that is likely impossible to explain with words. While I do veer on the side of Christianity, I generally don't take sides here...outside of holidays, anyway. Speaking of...
Christmas and Easter: They're good holidays on their own, but certain legends completely ruined them. I thought they were about Jesus Christ's birth and death, and not about some old man in the North Pole and some bunny with a thing for eggs!! But still, I'll happily stomach these instead of...
Halloween: Why does everybody love to splatter gothic European horror all over the month of October--especially the 31st??!! [And that's without mentioning this holiday's very anti-Christian nature...] This is easily my second-least favorite holiday, beaten only by...
April Fool's Day: My least favorite holiday, hands-down. I'm absolutely sick of people suddenly falling in mad love with fooling and angering everyone in the 1st of April, not to mention the resulting collateral damage. Seriously, it's always a massive relief for me when the 2nd of April comes.
LGBTQ+: It's perfectly okay to love anyone from any gender [and even identify as the other gender]. If only homophobia wasn't so prevalent...
No-IP: Note to self: don't try to use a common computer as a server ever again.
Angelfire: If they didn't drop support for free hosting, this Carrd wouldn't even exist. I mean...seriously??!!
Carrd: It helped me get a temporary home while I worked out this Angelfire business, but I find it too limited for my purposes.
Neocities: You know what?? Forget about Angelfire. This service will definitely be a better place for the Random Site.

I have several more opinions, but this page is already too long.


by David Harvey [no, not that David Harvey]
Last updated on October 8th, 2020 at 12:56 PM CST

Neko98 is a simple desktop toy, featuring a cat that chases your mouse.

This implementation of Neko was written by David Harvey for Windows 98 [as the name clearly shows], but it still runs perfectly fine in the latest versions of Windows.

All the files have been backed up in my Dropbox if you want to try it out. They are completely unmodified, but you can also download Neko98 from the original page, saved to the Wayback Machine in April 18th, 2007.

A Spanish translation is also available in my Dropbox.


Short version: Using your computer as a server through No-IP is a bad idea.

Long version: Originally, the Random Site ran on my computer with Apache and No-IP. However, the electricity bills ran way up and my ISP blocked the site's ports.

I thought of reviving my site through Angelfire, but since it's not free, I decided to create this Carrd as a temporary home.

Ultimately, however, I opted for Neocities instead.

And although I'll keep it online for historical purposes, this Carrd will be abandoned if I do decide to make the switch.

I don't have a Discord server of my own, and probably won't for a while because I'm already the co-owner of another one and I don't want to increase my workload.

If you want to check that server out, I'm linking it here. This server is run by my friend @RealCatKirby.

And if you just want to talk to me, my username is José Daniel Steller#2005.